Get Me Out Milan - leader in the escape room sector - has been involved in Team Building for years.

Thanks to the possibility of accommodating a large number of people and the variety of adventures to be lived, it has been chosen for the team building of various companies, even very different ones, from start-ups to the most structured.

Teamwork, the common goal of going out within 60 minutes, allows participants to feel an integral part of a group, generating a reflection on how satisfying it is to work in pleasant relational contexts. It also allows to create situations of leadership and collaboration useful for solving the puzzles in the room.

Furthermore the tension, the search for the solution, the interaction with some actors will make the experience not only useful for training but also a playful and pleasant activity.

Via Emanuele Filiberto 13 - Milano
Via Balduccio da Pisa 7 - Milano
Via Serrano, 4 -Torino
+39 389.94.70.823
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