1. How much does it cost?

The cost of the room is related to the number of players and the room chosen. To know the rate you just need to simulate a booking by entering the number of players (no booking required). We remind you that the number may vary up to the last moment without necessarily communicating it in advance, it will be paid in cash based on the actual number of players coming on the day of the experience.


2. Do I have to pay in advance in order to book a room?

No, payment can be made in cash on the same day of the experience or by Paypal. Only in case of a multiple booking it will be required an advance of the minimum rate of the room. For example, if you book the room Holy Grail and Caveau the same day at the same time you will be required an advance payment of € 200 (€ 80 Graal + € 120 Caveau).


3. Which rooms are available and where are they?

Get Me Out is in Milan and Turin. In Milan the rooms are located in two different sites:

Ripamonti Headquarters: THE ROOM, THE CLINIC, PRISON BREAK, CHICAGO EXPRESS and THE BUNKER in Via Balduccio da Pisa, 7 / A in Milan (Ripamonti / Porta Romana area, nearest MM Lodi stop, yellow line).

Sempione Headquarters: CAVEAU, SACRO GRAAL and TORTURE ROOM in Via Emanuele Filiberto, 13 in Milan (Sempione area, the nearest MM Portello stop, purple line).

In Turin the rooms are: THE ROOM, PRISON BREAK and soon to THE CLINIC in via Serrano, 4


4. What are the room moods? Are they all scary?

No, they are not all scary! Our adventures recall a cinematic genre and the game setting can include in some rooms the interaction of actors with the gaming group in order to make a totally immersive atmosphere in the experience. However, horror rooms can be set in softer mode for the less courageous players: in that case no fright or action by an actor will take place.


5. What is the difference between "experts" and "beginners" mode?

The difference lies in the number of aids. Experts mode will have up to a maximum of 3 aids, but beginners will receive more aids from the director in case of difficulty.


6. The number of players has changed compared to the one indicated on the booking: what should I do?

The number of players set during booking is only indicative and there is no need to inform us in advance, as long as it does not exceed the maximum capability allowed by the selected room.


7. How can I change the mood of the room?

you can simply communicate the change to the staff once you will get at our structure.


8. I have to cancel or change my booking due to an unexpected event: what should I do?

To cancel a reservation or modify it, we recommend to call us 48h before your experience 389/9470823 or email us at info@getmeoutescaperoom.it


9. We would like our friends to take parte in the experience we've booked but the total number of players exceeds the maximum capability of the room, what can we do?

Call us at no. 389/9470823 we will find the best solution to let the players live the experience


10. Is special clothing recommended for the rooms?

No specific clothing is recommended, Prison Break and Caveau players will wear suits to enter the "role play" more.


11. Can the game be played in English?

All of our rooms feature an English version and the staff is prepared to explain the rules of Get Me Out in your language. We suggest you call us in advance to set the language change.


12. Even the minors can take part in Get Me Out? Can they play alone in the rooms?

The game has no age limits; however, in case of children under 10 years of age, it is not recommended to play in the rooms in "horror" or "hard prison" mode . In case of children under the age of 15, the presence of an adult is required. The adult person will have to sign the liberators and stay in the reception throughout the course of the activity.


13. I do not really suffer from claustrophobia, but I'm afraid of the closed places: can I quit the game if I don't feel to go on? You can leave the room anytime and the rest of the group will be able to go on to live the experience. Our staff monitors every minute of play and is at your disposal.


14. Are the rooms air conditioned?

Yes, they are.


15. iLthere a bathroom at Get Me Out?

of course ;)

Via Emanuele Filiberto 13 - Milano
Via Balduccio da Pisa 7 - Milano
Via Serrano, 4 -Torino
+39 389.94.70.823
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