Give an unforgettable experience! 


VOUCHER (digital tool): You can buy a voucher directly on our website with the opportunity to give someone else the experience, simply by choosing the amount you want. The person who will receive your gift can make the reservation of his escape room autonomously by entering in the appropriate form the code that he will find on the Voucher.  
GIFT CARD (physical tool): At our offices, in both addresses, you will be able to purchase a Gift Card. Card will be delivered in person, in a nice box. The person who will receive your gift will be able to make the reservation in full autonomy by going to our website by selecting their favourite room and by entering the code printed on the card that they will keep as a reminder of the experience.

1-Choose the voucher you want to be as your present. The person you will give the voucher will be able to book their favourite room independently and spend it at the moment of their arrival at Get Me Out.

2- The amount of the voucher will be reduced by the sum to be paid at the time of payment.

in case:

- the voucher amount exceeds the amount:

You can use the credit even later on, with a second reservation.


 - The amount of the voucher is less than the amount due: just pay the balance in cash on the same day of the appointment or through PayPal, from our website.

* L'asterisco rosso indica che i campi sono da compilare obbligatoriamente per procedere con l'acquisto.

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